Signing with Literary Agent Liza DeBlock of Mushens Entertainment

BIG NEWS! I’m beyond thrilled to share that I’ve signed with literary agent Liza DeBlock!

I’m so excited to join the growing force that is Mushens Entertainment as we work to bring my debut novel The Moon Represents My Heart into the world!

The Moon Represents My Heart is a literary novel that follows generations of a British-Chinese family of time travellers as they confront their history in the face of love and loss. It is The Joy Luck Club meets The Time Traveller’s Wife, and is inspired by my own family history.

Many authors of my background don’t often get this opportunity, so I want to take the time to celebrate every victory! Thank you to my family and those closest to me for supporting me throughout this entire process. Thank you to my beta-readers: Sienna Vance, Annie Dupee, Cameron Edwards, Andrea Fang, Ashley Wolf, Mark Redlich, Sebastian Brooker, El-Jay Worthington, Johanne Gorman and Karen Postupac. And to my lecturers Laura Lam and David Bishop for their guidance.

Now it’s time for me to get to work!

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